I'm now invisible. One of "our" feral cats trying to hide, but I found him with the Lumix GX9 and Leica 100-400mm Telephoto lens
Some back yard birding practice with the Leica 100-400 on the Lumix GX9.
Things are looking up. Another of "our" feral cats. Shot with a late 70's Minolta 200mm Prime adapted to the Lumix GX9.
Wrangling kids for a portrait is always difficult, no matter the species. Captured with the Sony A99 and 70-400 lens.
When you stop to borrow a bathroom, and find a ton of peacocks hanging out you grab your camera and start shooting. Captured with a late 70s Minolta 200mm Prime and Lumix GX9.
Taking flight at the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. Captured with the Sony A99 and Minolta 80-200 2.8 APO lens.
About smack in the middle of Oregon, during our 2015 X-Mas Trip. Captured with the Sony A99 and the 70-400 lens.
We were about halfway up the hiking trail to Gooseneck Overlook when we were spotted. I snapped this before we made a slight detour. Sony A99 and 70-400 lens.
One of "our" feral cats hanging out in the enclosure we built them. Caught using the Lumix GX9 and 12-60mm lens.
On the hunt. One of our feral cats keeping us safe from the vermin of the world. Sony A99 and Minolta 80-200 2.8 APO
Don't be koi. The Sunken Garden in Lincoln Nebraska.
Lip Licking delicious. Captured in Zion National park on our 2016 X mas trip. Sony A99 and 70-400 lens.
Turkey Vulture near Point Reyes, California

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